Guest edit: Robyn Lawley tells us how to dress like a Supermodel

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Guest edit: Robyn Lawley tells us how to dress like a Supermodel | feature fashion daily  pictures


The wonderful Robyn Lawley is back with us again to talk us about how to steal her incredible style. Whether she’s snapped in a photoshoot or a candid in the street, Robyn always looks phenomenal. She tells us how she achieves her casual, yet eclectic style and the best fashion advice she ever received.

DDG: Are you a shoes or a bags girl (and why)?
RL: I wish I could be both, however finding shoes my size is challenging. I have an insane bag collection, I'm actually on a self-imposed 6 month ban from buying any new ones ha-ha


DDG: If you could swap wardrobes with someone, who would it be (and why)?
RL: Jane Birkin in the 70's, I think she had such an easy, cool look. Although Lady gaga must have a wicked collection of accessories


DDG: In 5 words describe your personal style?
RL: Eclectic, foreign, vintage, extravagant and free


DDG: Where are your favourite places to shop (cities, stores or websites)?
RL: I like shopping online a lot, I don’t get much time to properly shop anymore. However I love the boutiques and vintage places in Brooklyn. London also has some great places to shop as does Paddington in Sydney


DDG: What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given?
RL: Wear the right size, never try to squeeze yourself into something that is too small for you –  even the most beautiful dress will look cheap and lumpy if it’s not the right size.


DDG: What is the last thing you bought?
RL: Before my hand bag ban, the new m2malletier bags


Righto, well we're all off to check out Jane Birkin's style and get some inspiration too. Next time we talk to Robyn about how to look good in photo's, everytime. Keep your eyes peeled!



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Guest edit: Robyn Lawley tells us how to dress like a Supermodel | feature fashion daily  pictures