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cheap fashion under $50

It's that time of week again! When we wrap up those cheeky little items that sneak their way into our shopping cart because they don't weigh much (financially that is). Guilt-free shopping at its best!

We're still not sure if this is curbing our shopping addiction or feeding it, but who cares? New stuff, yay! So whether you're in need of a weekend get-up, or you're simply mourning the loss of Breaking Bad, we have you covered with band-aid purchases to keep your closest healthy.

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Which cheap thrill will you rock? Tell us in the comments below!

DDGD - Team
DDGD - Team
Our beautiful team of interns range from beauty addicts and fashion fiends to the social media obsessed - but they all fit in with the site like a pug wearing a Ryan Gosling t-shirt while baking cupcakes. They're putting in the hard yards testing products, creating tutorials and compiling lists so they can make your life that little bit shinier every day.
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