The Eyes Have It: Coloured eyeliner to suit all peepers


We've been seeing coloured eyeliner popping up on the runways and in magazines for a while now, and even though we're not usually afraid to experiment with a little bit of brightness in our cosmetic bag, it can be a big leap to go from your standard black liner to something from over the rainbow.

It's time we all plucked up the courage to play around with our look and step outside our comfort zone with a slick of coloured eyeliner. The key with any new makeup trend is to start small and build your way up to the big leagues, so try colours that will complement your eye colour (for example, purples look amazing on green and hazel eyes!) before going with something too bold. We're not saying you should be afraid of bolder colours, but if you want to make a look from the runway work for the real world, you need to scale it back a bit while still keeping it funky-fresh.

If you are wanting to attempt a bright, bold eye there is one accessory that is a must have — a hepa of confidence so that you can rock the style with ease!

Image courtesy of Si Style

Which coloured eyeliner are you looking to try? Tell us in the comments below!


  • GMeers says:

    I have about 20 different coloured eye-pencils – I love using eyeliner for a quick, gorgeous look! Easy and eye-catching :) I actually find the Models Prefer (from Priceline) and Rimmel brands give the best colour-saturation and easy glide.

  • Kristie Giblin says:

    I have a few different coloured eyeliners but forget that I have them. Need to stop automatically going black and branch out a little!

  • jess7102 says:

    I love the blue eyeliner in that picture, wow!

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