Let's face it: warm weather can wreak havoc on your hair, so the least you can do for your mane is make it smell kinda nice. Actually, scratch the word kinda, you want it to smell really nice!

The latest buzz word in the beauty world is hairfume, which is pretty much perfume for your hair, but loads more nourishing for your locks. These perfumed hair mists will have you swishing your strands around like a Victoria Secret model, leaving a whisper of scented goodness behind that will make the boys weak at the knees.

Click ahead to get your spritz on!

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Have you ever tried a hair mist? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Miss Rikki

    Flowerbomb.. FOR HAIR!?

  • Eli Carter

    Flowerbomb was a bit out of my price range, but now i might be able to get the hairfume! Such a good idea!

  • cherg

    I will definitely be getting Flowerbomb Bomblicious hair mist for my daughter-in-law for Christmas. She loves Flowerbomb so much and this would be the perfect pressie.

  • Sarah Lamberton

    I didn’t even know you could get actual scents for your hair!! I am keen to try!

  • thepinkshoe

    I didn’t know such a thing as hairfumes existed! Seeing as I love scented shampoo this sounds great.

  • neverendingdreams

    i never knew of these before

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