Love it, want it: Tupac, Tim Tams and designer Trackpants are all on our list this week!

Want to know what we can't shut up about this week? Well, read on!


Kristina Ioannou: Beauty Editor

I love... The newest addition to my bling family, my West Coast Tupac Shakur ring from Browns Fashion! It's just so damn cool, I actually can't stop staring at it. It really does make my inner thug come alive!

I want... Sleep. And lots of it! And maybe a pogo stick, so I can jump my way through morning peak hour traffic. Simple requests.


Kate McKibbin: Managing Editor

I love.... Orange Is The New Black. It's almost filling the Breaking Bad sized hole in my heart. Almost. If you do not have this on your IQ, get on it now!

I want...  These One Teaspoon leather trackpants. They are the most impractical things to have on a want-list leading up to Summer, but they will finally allow me to live my dream of wearing trackpants outside of my lounge room without ridicule. (Shop it: Black leather trackpants, $289, One Teaspoon, )



Larissa Thorne: Lifestyle Editor

I love... Ebay. Yeah, I know it's nothing new or anything like that, but after a hiatus of almost 6 months I'd forgotten how much I love to snag a bargain. Even if my competitive nature does get the better of me (and I end up occasionally buying something I didn't really want for way more than I'd want to pay just because I like to win), I still don't feel as bad for the 5 things I've already bought this week than I would if I'd bought them retail. Scanlan & Theodore for $15? Don't mind if I do!

I want... For Tim Tams to be a healthy snack. That way I wouldn't feel so bad for eating an entire packet last night. But it was a double sized value pack, so at least I got my money's worth, right?

What's on your love/want list right now? Tell us in the comments below!


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