Pretty woman: 10 bras so pretty you’ll want to show them off (tastefully, of course)

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10 best bras

Often overlooked and underrated is the sure-to-feel-good-instantly, delightful pair of delicates.

For something that sticks with us all day long and can flatter our figures faster than a compliment from Ricky Martin, it's always surprised me why fancy frills and finely sewn silks are kept in the too-expensive-for-what-they-are basket.

Time to empty that basket, people! Time to put it into the I'm-worth-it basket. Pick one pretty bra, one sexy bra and one old reliable, and you're good as gold.

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Which gorgeous piece of lingerie are you lusting over? Tell us in the comments below!

Maddie Simic (Jr Fashion Editor)
Maddie Simic (Jr Fashion Editor)
Owns more than entire body weight in hair products, wakes up to Independent Women by Destiny's Child, plans to one day own a Jug (Jack Russell cross Pug). Goes weak at the knees for anything NARS and scented coconut.
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  • apriltoaugust

    Mmm the Dita Von Teese collection is gorgeous and such a bargain

  • beautybabe1

    I love some pretty and feminine lingerie!

  • Alishes

    I am lusting that Pleasure State bra. I have quite a collection of fancy lingerie and I love adding to it.

  • Narao10

    I’m lusting dosa Bella lingerie. Pretty lingerie’s love them all.

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