Golden Girl: How to find the right fake tan for you



There's only one thing in this life that can make you look hotter than a Magic Mike scene, and that's a gorgeous faux glow. Nothing beats golden, sun-kissed skin when you're sipping on margaritas under the stars, frolicking on the sand in your newest frilly bikini or trying to impress the new lifeguard at your local swimming pool.

But which fake bake is right for you? Do you want a party glow, a beach-worthy glimmer, or something soft and subtle for work?

Quit fretting and click on to figure out which tan-in-a-bottle is best suited to your beauty needs. Summer just got a whole lot sexier!

For even more tan-tastic product options and advice, be sure to check out now! 

Which type of fake tan do you use? Tell us in the comments below!


  • apriltoaugust says:

    I usually use gradual tanner (for fear of all of a sudden becoming noticeably dark!) Does anyone know if you can use a tanning mitt for that too?

  • Beautynutter says:

    I love your tanning mitt & tanning mousse, it gives me such a natural looking & even tan!

  • Beautynutter says:

    My fave type of fake tan is a tanning mousse and a tan mitt to apply it for an even coverage.

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