Best of 2013: The accessories trends of 2013 from OTT to micro-minimalist


My favourite accessories trends of 2013!

Well, it all began with the cuff — we cuffed our heels and our wrists in some serious jewels. Then almost overnight, it was teeny-tiny microscopic jewellery with cute accents. The tiny bag followed suit, while the diva in us resurrected heavy gold embellished jewels to balance out all the small things.

In short, it was a roller-coaster of two extremes; whether you were one to rock an OTT chandelier earring or prefer itsy-bitsy invisible necklaces, it was a year of classy trends where big or small, they spoke for your look. Here's a peek:

All the small things: Teensy-weensy trinkets that make a statement

Chandelier Chic: This season’s most dramatic accessory

Luxe Cuffs: 18 statement cuffs guaranteed to impress

Good as gold: Your OTT jewellery guide to feeling festive

Pump, pump it up: Party season pumps under $100

Honey, I shrunk my bag: We put the magnifying glass to this petite trend

When in Rome: This season’s hottest trend is divine!

Holographic clutches: The best futuristic arm-candy around

Wild Things: 15 crazy-cute animal inspired jewellery pieces

Ankle Cuff Heels: 21 leg hugging shoes that’ll knock em’ dead

What do you think of these accessories trends? Which did you rock? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • neverendingdreams says:

    Great collection of articles on accessories

  • Beautynutter says:

    Another great selection of accessories inspired articles. I love the bold accessories look but tend to go for more delicate jewellery myself.

  • Kamile Ko says:

    In Europe this summer the most popular accessories are- wholesale
    :) Believe me, there is nothing better on the market now :)

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