How we wear: Festival fashion


Festival Fashion looks easy, but it ain't!

This week my undeveloped brain thought why not do a little festival fashion look; I mean it 'tis the season of the festival(s) and often put on the back burner is what the hell to wear. My understanding is festivals are a time for no makeup, and hair eventually ends up in a top knot no matter how hard you try (don't fight it), so basically the outfit has to pull through. To make sure you get some nods from fashionable festival-goers trod on ...


This singlet is by All About Eve and I love the washed acid look, and a high-neck seals the deal. The denim shirt is from Topshop, who have a PhD in denim shirts. Skirt is amazing — the fit, the cut and the print — I just love it, especially because I don't own anything floral (naturally I had to team it with a skull and studded boots but anywayyyy).


These sunnies actually came with the lippie, it's so pigmented. Not really, but they do team up nicely — both available from DDG Boutique.


Now for a bird's-eye view of the attire, and at the bottom you will find my shoes, which are a couple seasons ago Zu, and to this day are the comfiest things I've ever put my feet in (and I've filled a plastic bag with conditioner and you can work out the rest).

What do you think of this festival fashion look? Tell us in the comments below!

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