How we wear: Festival fashion


Festival Fashion looks easy, but it ain’t!

This week my undeveloped brain thought why not do a little festival fashion look; I mean it ’tis the season of the festival(s) and often put on the back burner is what the hell to wear. My understanding is festivals are a time for no makeup, and hair eventually ends up in a top knot no matter how hard you try (don’t fight it), so basically the outfit has to pull through. To make sure you get some nods from fashionable festival-goers trod on …


This singlet is by All About Eve and I love the washed acid look, and a high-neck seals the deal. The denim shirt is from Topshop, who have a PhD in denim shirts. Skirt is amazing — the fit, the cut and the print — I just love it, especially because I don’t own anything floral (naturally I had to team it with a skull and studded boots but anywayyyy).


These sunnies actually came with the lippie, it’s so pigmented. Not really, but they do team up nicely — both available from DDG Boutique.


Now for a bird’s-eye view of the attire, and at the bottom you will find my shoes, which are a couple seasons ago Zu, and to this day are the comfiest things I’ve ever put my feet in (and I’ve filled a plastic bag with conditioner and you can work out the rest).

What do you think of this festival fashion look? Tell us in the comments below!

Maddie Simic (Jr Fashion Editor)

Owns more than entire body weight in hair products, wakes up to Independent Women by Destiny's Child, plans to one day own a Jug (Jack Russell cross Pug). Goes weak at the knees for anything NARS and scented coconut.

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I am loving this festival fashion look, it looks effortlessly cool.