Real Girl Beauty: 5 minutes with Oz Beauty Expert Bonnie Gillies

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She's the beauty hostess with the mostest, and she runs a blog that's well worth the bookmark. Ladies, meet Bonnie Gillies from With a bursting resume that would put other beauty buffs to shame, this hair and makeup artist has been dabbling in the fashion and film industry for over 10 years and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. She was even appointed the personal beauty advisor to the Queen’s lady in waiting at Buckingham Palace! Seriously royal stuff. Today we get the privilege of chatting to Bonnie about all the pretty tidbits from her exciting world.

1. What inspired you to start your blog?

Originally I started an online journal of what shoots I had been working on and what products I had used. This grew a steady audience and women seemed to love advice on how to achieve looks that were used in fashion campaigns. Eventually I decided I wanted to include all things beauty, and this led me to creating Oz Beauty Expert.

2. What are your top 5 can’t-live-without beauty products?

- Ultraceuticals C23: This is a potent vitamin C serum that really helps keep me free of dry flakey skin. I swear by it; it keeps my skin plump and radiant.

- Ella Bache Enzyme Exfoliant: A lovely, gentle, granule-free exfoliant.

- People For Plants Hydration Gel: This is an all-natural aloe-based gel that instantly refreshes tired and dry skin. Great to plump up fine lines after a long day!

- Aves Cosmetics Mineral Powder Foundation in ‘Deep’: I use this every single day. It gives me sun protection and I can layer it from a light coverage to a heavy coverage when I’m heading out. It doesn’t clog my pores and is Australian made.

- My GHD!! I cannot imagine life without it! My hair is naturally super curly and frizzy!

3. What’s your favourite hairstyle to rock during the week?

I usually always wear my hair out and wavy with some salt spray. However, over the last month, because it has been so hot, I have been trying different ponytail styles. My hair is longer now, so I have a nice long pony!

4. How do you keep your skin in shape?

Regular exfoliation and protecting it from the sun.

5. Which beauty secret do you swear by?

Rubbing 8HR cream by Elizabeth Arden into your nails! It conditions them and makes them really strong. It’s also great for your cuticles.

6. What are your tips for taking a great Instagram photo?

Finding a nice, naturally lit area out of direct sunlight, and having a nice backdrop helps a lot!

7. What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

It would have to be being taught how to choose the right foundation. So many women get it wrong and try to look more tanned by using a darker foundation. The truth is that the closer the foundation colour to your actual skin tone, the more natural it will look. If you want to look more tanned, use a bronzer over your foundation. Using a colour too dark can look too orange or pink and just looks really unnatural.

8. How do you unwind on the weekends?

I love going to the beach in the morning and then relaxing in my hammock during the afternoon.

9. Describe a typical working day.

If I’m on a shoot, I start off doing hair and makeup. It usually takes 1.5 hrs, then as the day goes on I do touch-ups as we go. Shoots are loads of fun and really social, as well as creative. I've made so many friends in the industry: models, designers, photographers and assistants. We usually play loud music, laugh and drink lots of coffee! At home after everyone goes to bed, I’m often blogging, emailing and getting posts ready for the week ahead.

10. Favourite fragrance?

Gucci Rush or Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. They both remind me of living in London.

11. Favourite beauty brand and why?

I couldn’t pick one. At the top of my list would be Dermalogica, Ultraceuticals, Benefit, KMS, Scunci, Bondi Sands Tan, People for Plants and MAC.

12. If you could wear one colour of polish for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

At the moment it would be Bobbi Brown ‘Black Tuxedo’. It’s a really smooth rich black that looks amazing and goes with any outfit of any colour!

13. Walk us through your daily makeup application.

First I moisturise, and then I apply concealer around my eyes and nose. Then I apply mineral powder foundation. I like my foundation lightweight, but still covering pigmentation and redness. I also use a peach mineral powder blush. Next I apply a line of black kohl to my upper lash line on the outer 3/4 and smudge/soften it a bit with a brush. Then I apply a thin liquid eyeliner also to my upper lash line just to give my lashes a full, thick appearance. Next I apply a few coats of mascara and finish off with a lip-plumping gloss.

14. Who inspires you?

Other bloggers, makeup artists, and all the creative geniuses I have the pleasure of working with in the fashion industry.

15. What do you love most about being a blogger?

The chance to share the things I love most about beauty.

16. Favourite celebrity hunk?

Ahhh … Channing Tatum and Charlie Hunnam,

17. If you could be any superhero, who would it be and why?

I don’t really know many female superheroes, but I’d be happy to be hanging out with Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey JR, so I’d say an Avenger!

Got a question for Ms Oz Beauty Expert? Ask away in the comments below!

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