Lipsticks that double as blush — it's genius!

Like most girls, we absolutely love when a beauty product is versatile and multitasking. Not only does it mean that we can make extra room in our makeup bags, but we can also save a little cashola and actually justify the purchase. Now there's even more reason to save $$ and make the most out of your products, namely your lipsticks.

Did you know that you can create the perfect matching duo by using your lipstick as a blush?! That's right, many lippie formulas double as blush. If you're sporting a creamy, satin, or even matte lipstick, then you can whack some on your cheeks for a pop of colour to help brighten up your complexion.

On that note, here are our favourite seven lippies that work perfectly as blush, including tricks on how to apply them.

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By Elena Eve

Did you know your fave lipsticks double as blush? Have you tried wearing lippie on your cheeks before? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Miss Rikki

    I still haven’t gotten past my fear of cream blushes, let alone lipsticks as blush!

    • beautybabe1

      Same here, I prefer a powder blush but I really should try out a cream blush.

  • beautybabe1

    I do love multi-tasking products!

  • GMeers

    I love cream blush, and have been known to double-up my lippy on my cheeks! However my favourite multitasking product is a lip and cheek stain – Stainiac is good, or the Body Shop (especially their red one!)

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