Beauty Editor’s letter: Dear March-Santa … please bring me …

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Beauty Editors letter: Dear March Santa ... please bring me ... | feature beauty trends 2 beauty news beauty 2  pictures

I know Christmas is well and truly over and all but ...


I'm still assembling my wish list (the one I very clearly cannot afford, and the same one my credit card makes a mild shriek at whenever it emerges), so if there's any clever shopping elves out there who think I've been particularly nice lately and want to spoil me with these specific goodies, holler at meh!


VIKTOR & ROLF FLOWERBOMBAfter sniffing Hazal's insatiable scent one too many times (freaky), I now am obsessed with Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb perfume. It's floral, musky and so cutesy, like Miley Cyrus in her pre-twerk-breakdown days, and I'm pretty sure I just heard it call my name from the fragrance shelves in David Jones. I'm coming for you, my love!

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA: I'm kind of over dishing out a hundy dollars every two weeks for lash extensions. I want fat, falsie-looking natural lashes without the price tag, and apparently this hard-working 'scara is supposed to be better than ... hip hop yoga. Gimme.

CITIZENS OF THE WORLD RESORT CANDLEI finally bought a bedside table after a 3 month search (I'm fussy, okay!), so now I'm ready to adorn it with a few treasures that suit my unreasonably high expectations and this candle is numero uno. It's said to smell exactly like a tropical vacay, blending coconut, lime and vanilla oils. Someone hand me a piña colada!

DR ALKAITIS ORGANIC BEAUTIFYING MASK: Whether it's acne, blemishes, or pores the size of saucepans, this all-natural mushroom masque is supposed to magically replenish the skin and suck out every last nasty from the surface using a hippy-sounding formula that includes four types of the most healing, immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory mushrooms around. Sexy. Rachel Zoe is said to be a huge fan, as is Madonna, so y'know ... if the celebs are loving it, you can't go wrong.

NAKULA CERTIFIED ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OILCoconut oil is basically my spirit product at the moment. I've been using it for EVERYTHING — hair, nails, skin, and now I plan to throw the stuff into the make-believe green smoothies I've been having on the daily (I swear I'm going to start drinking them soon!!). At the moment, I've got my eye on the brand Nakula which houses jars of organic coconut oil said to be rich in essential fatty acids and so damn good for your insides ... and your outsides! Nectar of the gods, much? 

CHRISTIAN DIOR CAPTURE TOTALE MULTI PERFECTION DIOR TINTED MOISTURISERMy skin has been begging me for a makeup-free breather, but I'm not ready to give the stuff up completely. I've got too many beauty events/lunches/ping pong championships to attend these days, so any form of face paint is always welcome. Word has it that this Dior tinted moisturiser is not only lightweight and nourishing, but it feels like you're wearing absolutely nothing. I'm sold!

Now it's your turn, mi'harties! Let me know what's on your wishlist in the comments below!

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Beauty Editors letter: Dear March Santa ... please bring me ... | feature beauty trends 2 beauty news beauty 2  pictures