Tricky fashion trends: 10 trends broken down into English

Tricky fashion trends: 10 trends broken down into English | how to wear galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

It's all good and well for the fashion editors and extroverted fashion elite to prance around in head-to-toe Macca's inspired Moschino but what about us mere muggles? Must we retreat to our leather jacket and jean combos until we die of boredom? Of course not — what a cruel way to die.

But for those of us who lost our invite to the Chanel shopping centre runway (every damn year), here's the latest tricky trends that aren't really that scary once you pair them with what we all know and love (see: basics). So baby steps, hold my hand, here we go ... we're going to wear bermuda shorts this Autumn and king Karl will be sorry he ever misplaced our invites!

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Which tricky fashion trends will you try? Tell us in the comments below!


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