Baby steps: Baby shower gifts that will make you wish you had a bun in the oven


Baby shower gifts that will make you wish you had a bun in the oven

While there have been a few people just outside my social circle who got right into the baby making once we left high school, for the most part my life has been entirely baby free. Which is a shame because baby clothes are just so damn cute! I've been trying to talk my older sister into having a baby for years but she keeps refusing (our current baby pool has her getting pregnant within the year though!), which is a shame because it would be the best dressed baby of all — excluding Harper Beckham. With that said, I was invited to my first baby shower the other day and to my horror the mum-to-be didn't provide a gift registry! So what are you to get expectant parents when you have no idea about their baby's gender, decorating plans, or if you really just want to avoid Toys R Us at all costs? Well never fear because after some thorough research I am here to help!

WANT MORE? Get the mumma-to-be a little something to wear to her baby shower to be the number 1 friend!

Nappies (or diapers for our American friends) are always a much appreciated option, but if you don't know how they plan on wrapping their tot's tush it can be risky. I mean what are they going to do with 100 disposable nappies if they're all stocked up on the reusable kind? Also keep in mind that babies grow so fast you can almost see it happening, so if you're going the onesie/clothing route, get them a couple of extra sizes so that they can grow into them (they will!). And finally, can I just take a moment to mention the amazing brand that is Mini Rodini? They make the clothes all the cool kids are wearing (with parents like Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba & Miranda Kerr calling the clothing shots you know they must be cool!) and that I wish came in adult sizes because I'd wear them all. Seriously, if ever there was a clothing brand that could make me pull the trigger on having a baby of my own it would be Mini Rodini.

Which of these baby shower gifts was your favourite? Was there anything crucial you think we missed? Tell us in the comments below!


  • RobbieC says:

    Very cute………but definitely not wishing for a bun for myself. Good luck for those who are trying for one though.

  • jenniqua says:

    Wow there is a lot of stuff here. I am going through IVF, so I really am wishing for a bun in the oven.

    • gmeers says:

      All the best with your IVF – praying you have a precious little bundle of your own soon xx

    • jenniqua says:

      Thanks so much gmeers, there has been a lot of praying going on. I am going on to my third round. Third time lucky?? (hopefully). :)

    • gmeers says:


  • gmeers says:

    Lots of adorableness! I will buy them for other mamas though – my babies are almost all at school now!

  • cherg says:

    I usually buy a Cuddledry apron towel. Everyone I’ve bought them for love them.

  • thepinkshoe says:

    The Dr Seuss books are a perfect idea!

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