Tress-fection: 8 of the best tips for shiny hair


8 of the best tips for shiny hair all year long

Is shine what your mane is missing at the moment? Are your tresses crying out for help? It's time to get your hair back in the game!

Sometimes healthy hair is not just about those need-to-buy products that stylists rave about. Rather, it's our lifestyle habits that can play a large role in the look and feel of our locks. And now that there's all that pesky Winter dryness to worry about, it pays to pick up on these tips from now.

The secret to maintaining your hair in any weather condition is keeping it healthy and strong, so it's prone to less breakage and can exude loads of gloss and lustre. After all, ain't nobody got time for dried out strands and weary tendrils.

From the best foods to simple tricks in the shower, here are the top 8 tips for shiny hair all year long.

Image courtesy of O&M

Which of these best tips for shiny hair are you going to be utilising from now on? Tell us in the comments below!


  • beautybabe1 says:

    Great tips, I pretty much do all of these things now and my hair is looking healthier for it.

  • But I LOVE a scaldingly hot shower… :(

    • apriltoaugust says:

      Me too! It’s so hard to turn the cold in winter ha ha

    • gmeers says:

      Mmm me too :) Maybe just keep the scalding hot showers/baths to the odd occasion, and keep your hair out of the water-flow most of the time?

    • ellen_d says:

      I love them hot too! I’ve hear about this before so what i do is keep my head out of the hot water for most of my shower and just turn the tap to Antarctica-cold just before i get out and dunk just my head and face under. It wakes me up in the mornings as well!!

  • jenniqua says:

    I could probably use that beautiful sounding hair oil, Indie Lee.

  • gmeers says:

    Ooh that moisturising oil sounds divine!! :)
    Intrigued by the shower head too – never really thought about how chemicals in water dull my hair!

  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    The Elvive Extraordiny Oil is another good one :) I use it every night after my shower when my hair is still wet and it dries smooth and shiny without any oiliness

  • Angie says:

    I do most of these things already as well. I also like to do an overnight coconut oil treatment a couple of times a week (if I remember!). My hair is always so soft and shiny afterwards! :)

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