DDG DIY: Dot wall hooks DIY from the Felted Fox

Dot Wall Hooks

DDG DIY: Dot wall hooks DIY from the Felted Fox

In this shopping obsessed world, sometimes there are things that you want to buy, but even though you recently spent more than you'd care to share on a new pair of shoes (totally necessary of course!) spending that same amount of cash on some wall hooks can seem ridiculous! That was the case with Nicole and her husband Jeremy over at the Felted Foxed — they'd always loved those Muuto wall dots but could never justify dropping the dime on them.

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Using a little bit of ingenuity (which is that little spark that separates us random humans from the master DIYers) they came up with a brilliant way to get the look and feel of dot wall hooks at a fraction of the price: drawer pulls! It's a genius idea that looks absolutely fantastic and is fairly easy if you know your way around your toolbox.

Head over to www.thefeltedfox.blogspot.com for the full instructions and more awesome DIYs (including fashion ones!)

Would you do this dot wall hooks DIY for yourself? Tell us your thoughts about it in the comments below!


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