Stand up: Tech stands that let you go hands free in style


Stand up: Tech stands that let you go hands free in style

Back in the (fairly recent) old days, using your phone involved quickly pressing those rubbery buttons with one hand while pretending to pay attention to whatever your teacher was saying in class. These days our phones have so many more uses than just texting your friend (who was probably sitting right next to you anyway) and probably the most important one would have to be watching videos. I don't know about you guys but if I go on a big YouTube binge I get the worst cramps in my palm! Which is why I'm super glad that I'm not the only person who says, "hey, I could really do with a stand for this electronic sucker!"

Now that we've got tablets (of varying sizes) thrown into the mix and tend to use our tech stuff for everything including following along on a recipe, it makes sense that we can find tech stands that are a little bit more exciting than a sloped table. Quirky, pretty and twice as useful, these tech stands will make you embrace going hands free so much you'll probably want to carry them around with you as well.

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Which of these tech stands did you like? Tell us in the comments below!


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