Kera-what?: All you need to know about keratin hair treatments


As a hairdresser, I often get probed about keratin hair treatments, which some of my clients have described as life-changing so today I thought I'd discuss exactly what this alleged miracle-maker is all about.

Keratin is a protein that is naturally produced in hair, however with years of colouring and straightening and endless changes in season and hormone levels, the hair can be stripped of some of its natural keratin. This equates to more porous, weakened and lacklustre locks.

What keratin treatments do is supplement the natural keratin and fill in those areas that have become porous which results in straighter hair. Being that it is NOT a chemical straightener, the in-salon process is a lot gentler and less invasive and so is said to be more of a relaxant than a straightening service.

By coating the hair, keratin treatments combat frizz and transform out-of-control manes to tame-able tresses for at least three months. The strands are left super smooth and shiny and takes less than half the time to dry or straighten.

If the $300+ price tag doesn't appeal to you, many brands have released various products that contain this miracle ingredient and can have you on your way to Gisele locks in no time. Check out my faves below.

By Jessica Savoia

Image courtesy of Elnett

Have you learnt more about keratin treatments and are you keen to try? Tell us in the comments below!


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