Beauty Editor’s letter: I’ve been mystified by Argentum’s La Potion Infinie!

I am a total suck when it comes to exxy beauty products and luxurious packaging, so when the wondrous ARgENTUM La Potion Infinie graced my desk, I was pretty pumped. Y'see, since its recent inception, this has been a bit of a wunderprod in the beauty blogosphere. I've been reading rave review after review and it's popped up in more than a few global glossies. You'd almost think it was made from pure moondust, from the amount of hype it's been receiving, but au contraire this titillating formula is concocted with silver hydrosol (a powerful antibacterial that helps boost skin flora), DNA HP (which is derived from salmon milt and acts like a sponge to soak in moisture to hydrate the skin) and caffeine (which has an instant firming effect). That's less than 5% of dependable chemicals. Pretty cool, right? Encased in an expensive looking violet jar which protects the contents from the harmful rays of the sun and prolongs La Potion's shelf life, it sits proudly in a cardboard box peppered with wicked monochrome hand drawn curling waves and swooping swans. I'd say my favourite part of the whole unraveling experience is the Archetype card that sits patiently inside the box, awaiting its owner's claim. I received the 'Magician' card which is suited for 'a kindred spirit with the power to conduct great transformations'. It is encouraged that you draw energy from the card, so it can reflect your subconscious and help you create harmony and balance. I thought that alone was truly rad and a unique approach for a skincare brand.

The cream itself features a milky, lotion-like consistency that absorbs quickly upon application and firms the skin immediately. The supercharged formula imparts a soft-as-satin feel that’s indescribably addictive and remarkably lightweight, without leaving any kind of greasy residue. As for the signature scent, it's a little herby yet relaxing, blending citrus, rosewood, geranium, sandalwood and patchouli that appeals to the senses but doesn't linger. Interestingly, one of the star ingredients, DNA HP, carries 10,000 times its weight in water, so it delivers moisture directly to the cells. It also promotes the production of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin soft, supple and extremely hydrated. Silver Hydrosol has previously been used to treat acne, rosacea and psoriasis, so it's safe to say this cream is extremely soothing and healing, while caffeine helps reduce the lipid levels under the eyes, making it safe to use around this delicate area.

I love that it's ideal for both men and women and because it's so light, you can use all over the face and neck.

It's no wonder this moisturising superstar is bewitching the beauty world; it really does boast benefits that other lotions and emollients are lacking. For $260, it seems a little unjustifiable, but you do pay the same amount for chemical-based versions which don't always deliver the results you want, whereas this gives a visibly healthier complexion within weeks. I've only been using the decadent cream for two weeks now but I'm already smitten, and it's fast become one of my fave vanity table essentials. Clogged pores, dull skin tone, fine lines — this is your answer to all those and more!



Argentum La Potion Infinie, $260,

Have you tried Argentum La Potion Infinie before? Is this something you'll be purchasing? Tell us in the comments below!


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