Woke up like this: 9 of the best skincare products for a flawless face

best skincare products

I was recently vacaying in Italy (soz not soz) and noticed something seriously cool: my skin was starting to look JLO-at-the-VMAs awesome! Now, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I honestly woke up one day, glanced in the mirror and marveled at the fact there was not one blemish on my visage, which was odd because when I landed in too-hot-to-handle Europe, my skin went a bit nuts. Heat rash, sweat pimples and dehydrated surfaces galore! But fast forward two weeks, and my skin had begun to, well, glow. ‘What is this sorcery?’ you ask. Y’see, when I’m in “zen” mode (aka have more time to actually breathe and do basic tasks like brush my hair and eat bucketloads of gelato), I like to take good care of myself, and it seems my skincare efforts were slowly paying off.

WANT MORE? These are also the best skincare products!

Day by day, I was partaking in skin rituals that lasted more than a millisecond and using quality products that were giving my skin all of the nutrients and nourishment it needed in the scorching hot temps, and it was working! The truth is, the more tender love and care you provide your body’s largest organ, the better. But you don’t need to spend all your money on weekly salon treatments or seek out magical unicorn tears to achieve blemish-free skin. A healthy lifestyle coupled with good grooming techniques and appropriate prods for your skin type will work wonders on your visage.

On that note, today I’m going to walk you through the exact products and skincare routine I used during my expedition abroad, so that maybe you too can parade around screeching, ‘I woke up like this! I woke up like this!’

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I’ll have you know that post Europe, my face, neck and hands are still ghostly white, but the rest of my body is a nice glowy brown. Why? Because not once did I allow these parts of my body to be exposed to the sun, mainly because the skin is the thinnest on these areas and therefore more prone to sun damage and I don’t want wrinkles sneaking up on me! That’s why Mecca Cosmetica’s To Save Face SPF 30 Sunscreen was my saviour during my short-lived Summer, and came in handy when I needed to apply touch-ups on the go or mix a bit of sun protection in with my moisturiser. While it’s a face cream, I used it pretty much everywhere and it even acted as an ace primer to makeup. I haven’t stopped applying it since my return, because yes, even in Winter sunscreen is crucial.
SHOP IT: Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 30 Facial Sunscreen, $45, meccacosmetica.com.au

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Kristina Ioannou (Beauty Editor)

I like 2pac and lipstick and using the word 'lol' when I have nothing else to say. Lol.

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I have dehydrated skin and I have found Endota Spa Skin Drink with bush honey & macadamia to be fantastic. My skin just drinks it in and it smells divine. I also use the rose hip oil. Thanks for the list. I am going to head into Mecca Cosmetica and try out the sunscreen.


I have just started using Kosmea, but haven't tried the exfoliant yet. Will have to get some. Their rose water spray is divine! It smells gorgeous, and feels so amazing on my skin. Total love!