Blouse confidential: How to find the right blouse to flatter your figure

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Blouse confidential: How to find the right blouse to flatter your figure

It's no secret that I can be a little bit lazy when it comes to day to day dressing, and it can be quite easy for me to fall in the trap of just wearing jeans, t-shirts and sneakers every day. Which is fun for a while, but I'm not one of those girls who can look polished or stylish when dressed like that. A whole new world was opened up to me when I bought my first nice blouse. Without straying too far from my daggy norm, I can still look presentable and all I have to do is keep the black skinny jeans, swap my sneakers for a nice pair of flats and throw on a bold-patterned blouse, and I'm ready for any situation. So if you're hunting for a new blouse, what type should you buy to flatter your shape? Well, I'm glad you asked.

blouse curvy

The best kind of blouse if you're a curvy lady

If you're one of my ladies with a fuller bust, then you'll no doubt know the struggle that comes with finding the right buttoned shirt — too big and you'll look much bigger than you are, but too small and you get the gaping button hole. Neither option is ideal. So if you're rocking it in the cup-size department I have a few suggestions for you. Firstly, try to avoid high, tight necklines as these can make your bust look even bigger, and look for scoop necks and v-necks to highlight your gorgeous neck and collarbones. Floaty styles also work well if you've got any tummy issues (or, you know, if you plan on having a burrito baby after lunch), plus they look killer with a pair of skinny jeans.

blouse small

The best kind of blouse if you're bottom heavy

If you're packing a booty but are a little light in the bust department, then I say you should take full advantage of your smaller cup size with plunging styles that bustier ladies can't get away with (especially in the daytime!). Open or asymmetrical/crossover styles look fantastic with a smaller bust and can help balance out your shape by adding volume to the top. Alternatively, look for styles that expose a lot of your shoulders with thin straps and deep v-necks or off the shoulder designs, as they can create the illusion of a fuller bust.

blouse petite

The best kind of blouse if you're petite

Petite girls are lucky — generally speaking, you can wear any type of blouse because they'll each flatter you in different ways. However, we think you can't go past t-shirt style blouses. They won't swamp your shape, and if worn tucked into a high-waisted skirt, then they can give an illusion of a fuller figure. Finding a pattern with a larger design will also make you look a bit bigger in a good way.

Images courtesy of Shapely Chic By Sheri, Oroma Rukevwe and Alice Cross.

Have you got any tips for finding a flattering blouse for your shape? Share your wisdom in the comments below!


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