DDG DIY: Gold animals wall art DIY

DDG DIY: Gold animals wall art DIY | home sweet home lifestyle feature  pictures

DDG DIY: Gold animals wall art DIY

While I'm not the most artistic person in the world and generally feel like I have the dexterity of a crab when trying to get my craft on, I do love trying out DIY ideas that I find around the web. Like most people, my favourite types of tutorials are the ones that don't require any previous skills or knowledge (so all the sewing ones are out!) and I tend to focus on DIY art projects that require minimal technical skills and are intentionally meant to look like a child did it.

I actually found this DIY idea on Pinterest (I'll try to find the original!) a long time ago and have been fairly obsessed with it since the moment I first laid eyes on it. The most difficult part of this project is cutting the animals in half, but after a bit of trial and error (and a fairly dangerous experiment with a table saw that I'm not willing to try again) we figured out that a good sharp stanley knife works best. I feel fairly anti-feminist for saying this, but I delegated the cutting job to my boyfriend after my first attempt almost ended with me losing a finger (so yeah, be careful with those sharp objects!).

DDG DIY: Gold animals wall art DIY | home sweet home lifestyle feature  pictures


  • Plastic animals (I got mine from the Reject Shop for $2)
  • A stanley knife
  • Gold spray paint (I went with a duller antique gold but it would look amazing with a glossier, shinier version as well)
  • Super glue or a hot glue gun
  • A small white frame


  1. Start by cutting your animals in half. As I said, I would definitely recommend outsourcing the cutting part if you're not great with sharp things and fiddly tasks, but either way this job is easier and safer if you have some sort of vice to hold the animal in place (and save your fingers!).
  2. Cover your animals in two coats of gold spray paint — letting the first coat dry completely before going over it with the second coat (just to make sure you don't miss any patches). I used blue tack to secure them to a cardboard box so that they didn't fall over and you can easily get all the angles.
  3. Once your animals are dry you can stick them onto a piece of white cardboard to stick in your frame. Depending on the size of space available inside the frame, measure out the spaces and draw dots for where you want the animals to go (I spaced mine about 4 cm apart horizontally and 6 cm lengthways).
  4. Using super glue or a glue gun, add a small dab to the back of your animal and secure in place. Repeat for all your animals.
  5. Let them dry and then place in your frame. Voila! You've got a fancy 3D art piece!

DDG DIY: Gold animals wall art DIY | home sweet home lifestyle feature  pictures

What are your thoughts on our gold animals wall art DIY? Tell us in the comments below!


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