Good enough to eat: 9 gourmet dog treats for your furry little human


Good enough to eat: 9 gourmet dog treats for your furry little human

Here’s a fun fact for all of you playing along at home: my dog Dexter doesn’t like dog treats. Well, I’m not sure if he doesn’t like them or just doesn’t trust them because they usually follow a visit to the vet, but either way 90% of the time he won’t eat it. Bits of carrot that I drop on the floor he’ll eat and if I leave a chocolate biscuit on the coffee table unattended he’ll eat that, but if I buy dog specific treats, he won’t touch them.

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Lots of dogs have this thing where they seem to prefer human food over their meaty treats, and while some of these are very bad for them (such as the time our childhood dogs ate an entire box of giant Freddos that I was meant to sell for charity … and then got terribly sick all over our house) as long as they don’t involve things like chocolate, macadamia nuts or onions, then your pooch should be fine to eat them. With that said, a much safer option is to buy gourmet dog treats that just look like human foods (like cupcakes or donuts) and they’ll never know the difference. Just be careful, some of these look so delicious you might find yourself stealing your dog’s food!

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Larissa Thorne (Deputy Editor)

Larissa Thorne (Deputy Editor)

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My pooches literally drool when I eat chocolate and treats so I think they'd totally dig these sweet pup friendly treats.


Mmmmm... they look delicious. We make human-grade food for furry friends. Check out our gourmet beefcakes (they look just like iced cupcakes) on our website!