Embrace the weird weather: Find the right anorak for your body


Embrace the weird weather: Find the right anorak for your body

We're finally getting into the period in between seasons when Winter's icy hold starts to back off and we can leave our scarves at home — which just so happens to be the perfect time of year to start donning the world's favourite casual coat, the anorak. For years I stayed away from anoraks, fearing the loose style would make me look even chunkier but considering there are so many styles and cuts that fall under the anorak umbrella the trick is figuring out what you want from your anorak before you purchase one. Ahead we've got 3 of the most popular styles and the fashion purpose they best serve.


If you're petite and don't want to be swamped

Look for cropped styles that finish at your hips to avoid having to wear your anorak as a dress. These styles usually also come with cropped sleeves as well (if it's cold outside a long sleeved top underneath can look very cute!) so you'll have full use of your arms. These styles fit more like a loose blazer or trench, so even if you go with a loose, flowing design you won't be swamped in the fit.


If you're afraid of losing your figure or want to create curves

Whether you're concerned that a loose-fitting jacket will make you appear bigger or want to give your body the illusion of an hourglass figure, then look for bum-grazing styles that have a string-tightening around the waist that allows you to cinch it in. These styles of coats essentially work in the same way as fastening a belt around your waist which does the double duty of flattering girls who are either curvy or straight up and down.


If you're curvy and want something a little bit looser

A lot of curvy women prefer to wear clothes on the looser side so if that's the style you feel most confident in then you should embrace it. If you want to stay away from a cinched waist then look for styles with a waterfall designed collar (these hang loose and flowing with gentle folds) that can disguise any lumps and bumps in a flattering way. You can also look for cape styles like the one pictured above that give you lots of space to move (and are crazy comfortable!) and don't cling to the body like tighter cut styles.

Do you have any tricks for finding an anorak that flatters your shape? Tell us your tips and your favourite style of anorak in the comments below!

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