10 ways to prepare yourself for the warmer weather

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10 ways to prepare yourself for the warmer weather | lifestyle health and happines feature sponsored  pictures

10 ways to prepare yourself for the warmer weather


Most of the time we only think about how the changing of the seasons affects us when it comes to Winter and we get a case of the sads, but the warmer months can change our bodies so much more than our Winter hibernation can. It's not hard to have your body clock completely thrown off by daylight savings (I keep having insanely late dinners because the sun sets so late!) but there are heaps of little tweaks and changes we can all make to ensure that we're in top condition this Spring before Summer hits.

These ten tips will give you everything you need to have you feeling your best inside and out so that when the real Summer starts you won't need to do any prepping. Feel like you need to get bikini ready? Well, let's get started now!

1. Adjust your sleeping schedule

If you weren't on the ball enough to start adjusting your sleeping schedule before daylight savings hit, then now is the time to get onto it. Try going to bed half an hour earlier than you usually would if you're waking up tired and get yourself out of your late-night phone habits so that you can get to sleep easier (because the light from your phone can trick your body into being awake!).

2. Lighten your meals

Winter is the time for rich, heavy meals because you're prone to cuddling on the couch in all the layers so start lightening them up now to lose that heavy feeling that weighs you down. You don't have to switch to salads, but keep the soups, casseroles or gravy-rich roasts for occasional meals.

3. Increase your fluid intake

Let's be honest, it can be super easy to get dehydrated and not even realise it, so now is the time to start upping your fluid intake. If you're not a big water drinker and need a little flavour to help you get your quota then try drinks like OVI Hydration (water flavoured with fruit juices, natural flavours, honey, natural minerals and packed full of antioxidants from green tea) that give you that flavour you're craving while also keeping you hydrated.

10 ways to prepare yourself for the warmer weather | lifestyle health and happines feature sponsored  pictures

4. Get regular exercise

If you let your usual exercise class fall by the wayside, then now is the time to pick it up again. The sun is shining a lot later these days, so go for a nice walk after dinner or work and get your body moving again.

5. Change your beauty routine

Our skin needs different things in the dead of Winter than it does in Spring, so start switching out your heavy moisturisers for lighter fluids or gels so your skin doesn't freak out when we get locked in heat wave territory.

6. Increase your SPF protection

While we're on the topic of your beauty routine, now is the time to make sure you're actually getting the sun protection you need. While we say you need your SPF on all the time, when it gets sunny you should make sure you have a 30+ on so you don't get that sneaky sun damage (or a bright red nose!) during your lunch break.

10 ways to prepare yourself for the warmer weather | lifestyle health and happines feature sponsored  pictures

7. Shave off your fur coat

When your skin isn't seen for months on end there is really no point in keeping up with your shaving routine, but if you're planning on letting those gams out for a breather then you'll feel so much better after a good shave.

8. Prep your hair for Summer

Your hair is going to be pummelled with all the sun and surf you'll be exposing it to soon, so start looking after it now. Add an extra hydrating mask to your weekly shower routine, or consider going a shade darker this Summer for shiner, healthier looking hair.

9. Master the art of layering

It is Spring and do you know what that means? Completely unpredictable weather. Make sure you have good layering items so that you're prepared for any type of weather. Even one of those large and pretty cotton scarves can work wonders if the weather takes a turn.

10. Get a good transeasonal jacket

While we're on the subject of layering, you need a good transeasonal jacket in your arsenal — especially if layering isn't your thing. Ditch your big Winter coat (that'll just have you sweating if it's over 18 degrees anyhow) and look for something a little bit lighter. Anoraks, leather jackets and blazers are always in their prime during Spring.

Head over to OVI Hydration's Facebook page to find out more about their delicious range of beverages. 

What are some of your tips for preparing yourself for Spring? Tell us how you transition smoothly in the comments below!


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