Beauty discussion: Are eyebrow rings a thing?


Brows have gone next level, and I'm not talking in an outgrow-your-arches-and-achieve-world-peace kind of way. First it was the one earring trend, and then braid and nail piercings decided to join the party and now Rodarte has made rows of eyebrow rings the new 'thang' for the season. Gulp. The look pays homage to the '90s eyebrow ring trend, multiplied by 1000 (or in this case, a steady row of about seven adornments on each arch) and I'm not sure if I love it or hate it.

It seems if ever there was a time to get weird with beauty, it's now! That being said, I can totally understand why someone would have an aversion to this kind of grunge-inspired look. I mean ... what next! Seriously, what?!

What do you think, beauties? Is this trend totally awkward or is it something bold and brave that you'd like to try?

Image via John Frieda

Tell us what you think about eyebrow rings in the comments below!


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