The choker necklace: 15 neck nuzzling pieces to befriend this season

choker necklace

I get so nostalgic around a choker I just want to throw on my bubble backpack and settle into some Daria. I have photos of when I was about eight rocking an elastic choker, long sleeve top with fringing and vintage wash jeans with embroidery (Gwen Stefani, eat your heart out). I hope I'm not the only one who went kicking and screaming as the choker took a backseat in the 2000s. But now it's back and there's a style for everyone.

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For die hard 90s revivalists, you have the buffet of velvet, gothic cross and elastic-fantastic pieces to go nuts with. If you prefer a polished or glam look then there are plenty of crystal, rose gold and glitzy pieces to don. And finally, for the minimalists there's simplistic fine necklaces and pearl detailing to take your pick from. Personally, I'm all for layering up my neck to the point where I may need something to support it post-trend (Rihanna knows what I'm talking about). So, embrace your inner 90s chic, because at some stage we all wanted to be Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Image courtesy of Free People

Which choker necklace would you sport this season? Tell us in the comments below!


  • Rachel Kapsalakis says:

    I remember wearing these in the late 80′s early 90′s!

  • Blueberrygumm says:

    I remember the stretchy ones we used to wear as kids

  • jazlovestoskate says:

    I loved chokers, i always used to wear the elastic tattoo choker, bracelet and ring! There pretty popular at the moment, i’m a bit surprised the black cord chokers you used to buy at the markets with glittery dolphin and other pendants aren’t as popular because they were huge in the 90′s! Nowadays i make my own jewellery and chokers from vintage stones and beads so i don’t need to buy them! :)

  • Andy7819 says:

    Such gorgeous peices, they can transform a plain dress.

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