DDG DIY: DIY tube necklace tutorial from The Lovely Drawer


DDG DIY: DIY tube necklace tutorial from The Lovely Drawer

Since I've been on a complete shopping ban for the past year while starting my business, a few of my great loves have unfortunately fallen to the wayside. While I am an all-round shopping addict, my one real weakness would have to be jewellery. Show me a quirky necklace and I'll be throwing my money at you so fast it will give you a papercut. But since I've had to eliminate shopping from my life (for now!) I've had to rely on gifts from my lovely boyfriend to feed my jewellery addiction and though he has impeccable taste, he is never willing to try something a little bit quirky.

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This tube necklace tutorial from The Lovely Drawer will not only give me a lovely way to spend a crafternoon but will also fill that gaping necklace-shaped hole in my heart. Luckily a friend of mine has recently started experimenting with polymer clay jewellery so I know who to call when everything goes horribly wrong and I want to make somebody else finish it for me!


Head over to thelovelydrawer.com for the full instructions and more beautiful DIYs.

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