Top shelf: 3 styling tips for tall women

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Top shelf: 3 styling tips for tall women | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Top shelf: 3 styling tips for tall women

I'll admit that being too tall has never been an issue for me (I'm generally short enough that I can easily walk under cupboards that most people hit their heads on) but I do have a few friends who somehow manage to complain about being too tall. Now I'm not going to minimise their struggle or anything — because every body shape and size comes with its own unique challenges that we can never understand unless we experience it — but the biggest issues that face our tall sisters generally relate to fit (why does nobody make jeans that go all the way to my ankles?) or just being compared to their shorter friends and not wanting to look like they're standing on a box in every single picture!

Rather than trying to minimise or hide any of your extra-long features, we want you to embrace these three styling tips and really own your height.

Top shelf: 3 styling tips for tall women | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Play with bold prints and colours

All of us shorties are constantly told that you need to stick to a neutral colour palette in order to appear taller because bold prints and colours can swamp your frame and not only make you appear shorter but kinda makes it look like you're playing dress up with your mum's clothes. For tall sisters the opposite is true. Your extra height means you're far less likely to be swamped by any look, so give big, bold patterns a try or inject lots of bright colours into your wardrobe. This also works with loose silhouettes (there's a reason models are generally super tall!) like the above trapeze dress which would look like a walking tent on a short girl but on a tall lady looks super luxurious.

Top shelf: 3 styling tips for tall women | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Embrace the midi skirt trend

While maxi dresses would seem to be the obvious choice for tall ladies (because of the extra fabric at the bottom) we implore you to get into the whole midi skirt trend. Maxi skirts and dresses tend to make you look extra long because the single column has a tree trunk effect, but with midi skirts your silhouette is broken up, which is far more flattering and also gives you a chance to show off your lovely pins without getting inappropriate. The loose A-line designs also help to add shape to your figure if you're very slim and willowy.

Top shelf: 3 styling tips for tall women | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Don't be afraid of heels

There seems to be this misconception among tall ladies that they can't wear heels because then they'll look too tall, but we say that if you want to wear them then go for it! Think of it this way: towering over people has never made supermodels resort to just wearing flats, so embrace your height and then kick it up a notch. We do recommend that whether you go for heels or flats that you make your shoes a little bit fancy. People will see your height and will automatically look down at your feet to see if you're wearing heels (it's just an instant reaction!) so you may as well give them something to look at!

Images courtesy of Maura M, Dasha Gold and Daggi Str.

What are some of your styling tips for tall women? Tell us in the comments below!

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