Brow theory: Why you should get your eyebrows professionally shaped at least once in your life


Brow theory: Why you should get your eyebrows professionally shaped at least once in your life

As you can see by the before image up there, my eyebrows have a tendency to become quite wild and unruly in a fairly short amount of time, while also being a little bit on the gappy side. The likes of ladies such as Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have been giving bushy brows their time in the spotlight, but the best brows of late have been the ones that are fuller but neater, so getting myself into a proper grooming routine is my new goal.

When I went in for my eyebrow shaping appointment at Theodora's Beauty Boutique, my brows had endured over two months with absolutely no upkeep on my part, which explains why they had started to creep towards the centre of my face Oscar the Grouch-style. This is not unusual for me, because I absolutely never tweeze (it makes me sneeze, so I can only ever get about three hairs before my vision becomes way too blurry!) and generally only go to the salon to get waxed every second month to save money (and because I live on the lazy side), so by the time I do get myself to a waxer they basically have to start all over again — and I'm totally okay with that!

There is no greater lift you can give to your face than getting a high quality wax — I swear my face actually feels lighter once the hairs are gone! Perfectly groomed brows manage to lighten your face, while somehow making your skin look clearer and younger (don't ask me how they achieve this magic). I'm not really one for filling in my brows (because they're so dark) — I've just started using a dark brow mascara daily to keep them in place, but my newly shaped brows require so little upkeep that I can pretty much say that at least when it comes to my brows #iwokeuplikethis. To say that I'm a little bit obsessed with my new awesome-looking arches would be a bit of an understatement. Theodora, you've got yourself a client for life!

Here are my top 3 reasons why you should get your eyebrows professionally shaped at least once in your life:

1. Professionals know when to stop

I think we've all experienced the struggle of trying get your eyebrows exactly even and plucking hair after hair until we go just a tad too far and ruin everything. Professionals tend to assess the situation before they remove any hairs and can tell when it is better to leave the hairs behind. When it comes to your brows, it is always better to under pluck than to over pluck and regret it.

2. Good trims are near impossible to do yourself

If you have particularly unruly brows like myself, then the thing keeping you from getting picture perfect eyebrows might just be the length of your hairs. Getting your brows trimmed is what gives you the sharp-angled edges neat looks love and also makes it easier to keep them groomed because you don't have to do a comb over to get them to stay in place.

3. Because eyebrow shaping is an art

Close your eyes and imagine drawing a life-like picture of a face, thinking hard about the lines you would draw and any shading you would put in. Open your eyes and try to draw that picture. Chances are that unless you've got artistic skills to begin with, what you imagined in your head and what you put on the paper were two very different things. Sometimes even though our brain can understand how to do something, our body is just not physically able to do it. Shaping your brows is exactly the same — just because we understand how one would objectively get amazing brows doesn't mean we're going to be able to do it for ourselves. A good brow technician will ask you about your routine (for upkeep) as well as what shape or look you'll ideally have before they get started, that way they can assess if that is actually achievable and can help you find a shape that suits your face for the most flattering look.

Even if you plan on getting your brows shaped professionally just once and then using that as a template to manage the upkeep for yourself, it is totally worth it. It has been less than a week since I got my brows done and somebody has complimented me on them every single day and it just makes me feel like even my makeup looks are better! For best results do your research first and check reviews online and don't feel bad for asking a lot of questions — they should know what they're talking about!

Check out Theodora's Beauty Boutique's Instagram for more amazing brow transformations and head over to their Facebook for more information about their services.

Do you get your eyebrows professionally shaped? Tell us about your experience (or name drop your favourite brow artist!) in the comments below!


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