Web want: Design your own custom bikinis with Surania

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Web want: Design your own swimwear with Surania

Despite my outrageously overflowing closet, there is one aspect of my wardrobe that I have a lot of trouble with: swimwear. Surprisingly, this actually has nothing to do with being uncomfortable in a bikini — I am the pale one in a family of sun bathers so itsy bitsy bikinis have always been my family's go-to beach choice and letting it all hang out has never been an issue for me — but more to do with the fact that my body just seems to reject bathers. Bottoms are always riding up my bum, falling off or cutting in and my tops have been known to slip, flip and fly off regardless of if I'm wearing a string bikini or a one piece. My body was just not made for swimwear, especially if they are sold as sets (who really wears the same size top and bottom anyhow?). While I can make my bikini top work for me, I have thus far been unable to find bather bottoms that don't make me flash the whole beach when I walk towards the water.

Surania have emerged as my new bikini building dream team. Their website allows you to completely build your own swimwear from the cut to the print so that you won't have to make do with a bikini set that you only sorta like. I especially love all the options they have when it comes to bikini bottoms: high cut, low cut, string, culottes — you can even select whether your basic bikini bottom has a straight cut or full cut (which means there's more material for us gals with more junk in the trunk). They have heaps of fabrics to choose from including block colours or beautiful patterns and best of all, designing your own bikini won't cost you hundreds of dollars — depending on your choices the prices range from about $39.95 - $89.95 and your bikini will be with you within 15 days. I could spend hours on the site designing my perfect bikini (I'm currently looking at getting a cute white and navy stripes bikini set with a full high-cut bottom) and can't see myself  buying one off the rack ever again.

SHOP IT: Suarnia custom bikinis, from $39.95, surania.com

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  • Courtney says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this article. You have no idea how hard it is to find a bikini that im comfortable in.
    Many companies “claim” to cater for all your needs, but I have yet to find one that offers you this kind of service with any style you desire, while offering you quality and beautiful bikinis that give you confidence. Most of the styles I like only offer them in “mumsy” fits with unattractive pattern and styles. This way I can feel confident and still look stylish!

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      You’re so welcome! There’s usually a catch with most bikinis but as far as I can tell Surania are actually my dream come true! Especially considering the price and the fact that shipping only takes a few weeks! Good luck with your summer bikini search!

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