Web want: Dog inspired prints for the crazy dog lady in me


Web want: A puppy themed print for the crazy dog lady in me

Yes, I admit it, I have an obsession with my dog Dexter. He's just such an adorable little ball of fluff — and I swear he has more personality than some humans I know — that it's not hard to find myself constantly snapping photos of him (yes, my personal Instagram feed is mostly photos of him, but I can't help it!). These cute calligraphy style prints from Pretty Fluffy Shop are the perfect thing to show my allegiance to the best type of domesticated pet — dogs.

If your love of your pampered pooch has started to get to insane levels then you should consider these prints — they're at least more fashionable and slightly less crazy than just getting giant poster sized photos of your dog printed every week.

SHOP IT: Pretty Fluffy Dog Inspired Prints, From $35, prettyfluffy.com

What are your thoughts on these dog inspired prints? Tell us in the comments below!


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