Bare ‘em: Tops and frocks to show off the bra — the sophisticated way!

Bare em: Tops and frocks to show off the bra — the sophisticated way! | feature fashion daily sponsored  pictures


Ever glanced down at your really amazing bra and realised it looks a lot more awesome than your outfit? What a shame no one gets to see it, right? Well all that's about to change, because this season the trend is all about baring your undergarments — in the most sophisticated way possible!

Given that there are so many stylish bras around right now — lacy, sporty, printed, minimalist — it makes sense to display a hint of these intimates to make a serious style statement. After all, the bra is the unsung hero of the wardrobe, and it's high time it got a little bit of spotlight beyond the bedroom ... wink, wink. The beauty of it all is that you can rock this look during a Summer brunch with friends, a night on the town, or just lazing about over the weekend and we promise it won't look sleazy.

So forget guarding your bra from the public eye, it's time to bare all (well, maybe not all ...). Check out how to rock the peek-a-boo trend below!

Visit the Pleasure State range at Myer for more eye-mazing designs!

How do you make your bra look smart ‘n’ sophisticated? Tell us in the comments below!


  • ChronoSphinx says:

    Even though the colours match or if it’s a nice bra/panties, I still think it looks a little bit tacky…

  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    I’m all for sexy lingerie but really think the strip tease should stay in the bedroom :/ not sure about this look

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