DDG Christmas wishlist: A suits-anybody scented candle from Ecoya

DDG Christmas wishlist: A suits anybody scented candle from Ecoya | shopping daily feature daily want daily love  pictures

DDG Christmas wishlist: A suits-anybody scented candle from Ecoya

Finding a gift for that tricky mother-in-law or aunty who never seem to use anything you've ever gotten them can make you want to tear your hair out. Clothes can be way too tricky (and if it isn't "their brand" then they'll probably never wear it) and most women have their jewellery game down pat by the time they have kids so unless it is a very special — and expensive — piece of jewellery they probably won't wear that either.

Candles are the best pick in this situation since they look and smell beautiful, plus you can see if they've lit it every time you go around to their house so you'll know for sure if they use it. This scent will please the majority of people because it is sweet and fruity without being sickly and the spicier notes make it smell like a delicious pie is baking.

SHOP IT: Ecoya French Pear candle, $29.95, adorebeauty.com.au

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