Side story: 7 amazing side dishes that will steal the spotlight


Side story: 7 amazing side dishes that will steal the spotlight

It's incredibly well known in my family (and okay, on here and in my life in general) that I'm obsessed with potatoes, so I was incredibly psyched when my aunt called me up recently to let me know that at Christmas lunch this year there will be three different types of potato. I know guys, contain your excitement. The thing is, since I came of an age where I'm no longer one of the kids at Christmas there has been an expectation that I'll bring some sort of food to contribute to the lunch, but since I'm not at the stage in my cooking repertoire where I have standard sides and salads that I can make in a pinch I've been at a bit of a loss to figure out what to bring this year.

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So after hunting through a cornucopia of recipe websites I've figured out that the key is to find a way to pimp out one standard ingredient. I'm not going to lie, a lot of these recipes involve either parmesan or garlic because there is no easier way to make a standard vegetable ten times more delicious than by covering it in garlic or cheese (or just add bacon if there are no vegetarians in your family). Plus I figure that if I make a side dish delicious enough it will mean more potatoes for me!

Which of these side dishes was your favourite? Tell us which one you'll be making this year in the comments below!

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