5 Easy life hacks to help you feel better on the beach this Summer


5 Easy life hacks to help you feel better on the beach this Summer


There's a secret my body has been hiding under all the layers of clothing and the chunky jumpers that I lived in all Winter and that is the fact that it looks significantly different to how it did last Summer. While the obvious solution for most people would be to go on a diet and ramp up my exercise regime to get that elusive “bikini body”, the fact of the matter is that diets suck and there’s no way I'm going on one. I love burgers and chocolate and am not going to deprive myself of the things I love just so I can attempt to look like Miranda Kerr (and by the way, no amount of diets is going to do that to me).

Personally I believe that every body is a bikini body, but sometimes we need to give ourselves a little boost so that our confidence can catch up to what our mind already knows. If you're one of the 2 in 3 Aussies who has tried a specific diet (like low carb, paleo or even a juice cleanse) then you know how hard it is to sustain those changes over the long term (especially considering the recent Carbfusion Study from Grill'd showed that 1 in 4 people on a low carb diet don't even know what a carbohydrate is and 39% only lasted two weeks on the diet), but these little tricks will help eliminate those last few confidence killers so that you'll be strutting down the beach like you're on the Victoria’s Secret runway without having to sacrifice your lifestyle.


1. Drink plenty of water

Fluid retention is my biggest enemy come Summertime — I can't tell you how many pairs of sandals leave their marks in my feet! — but it turns out that an easy way to help stop fluid retention is to drink plenty of water. Add some fresh lemon slices, berries or mint for a subtle, natural flavour hit and enjoy a cup of peppermint tea after dinner to help aid with your digestion as well and you'll be feeling great in no time.


2. Reduce your carb intake

The best way to make your diet a little bit healthier without actually going on a diet is to make smart food swaps, that way you can still eat the foods you love but without all the bad stuff that comes along with it. Carbohydrates have long been associated with stomach bloating — especially if you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity — but you can easily reduce your carb intake by swapping out your regular pasta or rice for alternatives like quinoa, trying gluten free or protein bread or even just swapping out your regular potatoes with sweet potatoes. You can now also get a low carb burger when you eat at Grill'd with their Low Carb SuperBun, which contains less than 10% carbs per 100g (that’s fewer than one sushi roll or a slice of pepperoni pizza) and is an Australian first enabling customers who eat only gluten free or paleo to enjoy the burger experience at Grill'd. They're made with all natural ingredients including psyllium husk, almond meal and organic coconut cream, with no added sugar making it a healthier option than brioche buns, but if you're a burger purist you can still enjoy their Traditional, Panini and Gluten Free buns when you dine at one of their restaurants. (Visit grilld.com.au for more information.)


3. Start dry brushing

Ah, cellulite, my old enemy, how you torture me so. If you've ever wondered what exactly a dry brush does, then wonder no more. Dry brushing is not only a great form of exfoliation (which will help out lots when you get up to number 4!), it also helps to speed the process of eliminating waste via the lymph stimulation, which in turn helps break down the buildup of fatty tissue that forms cellulite. When combined with increased fluid intake and a good moisturiser, your skin will be looking so good you'll be hunting for the skimpiest bikini on the market.


4. Faux your glow

We sure hope you've learnt by now that just because you're going to the beach doesn't mean you should be sun baking. Get your fake tan on before you hit the sand to smooth the appearance of your skin and help make you appear a little slimmer. Just make sure you follow it up with a good sunscreen as well!

summer holidays and vacation - girls sunbathing on the beach

5. Buy a flattering bikini

And finally, if you want to feel amazingly hot when you're at the beach then you've got to get yourself a great bikini. There a lot of little tricks you can do when buying a bikini if you want to enhance or hide certain features (for example, a skinny string bikini will make your bust appear larger, while high waisted bottoms will help you avoid a muffin top), but generally speaking a vintage style halterneck design will flatter your cleavage while still providing you with a comfortable amount of support, especially if you have a larger bust.

What do you do to make yourself feel better on the beach? Tell us your tips in the comments below!


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