#ddglifeproject: Let’s make fit fun week 3



Welcome to Month 1 / Week 3 of the #ddglifeproject, where we set challenges, share advice and basically all set out to make our lives (and yours) that bit more gorgeous week after week.

If you're not sure what we are banging on about, read our intro post hereand don't forget to check out week 1 of this month's challenge here, and week 2 here!

And for those that have been with us from the start, how did you get on with your incidental exercise last week? My dogs thought they won the lotto with the extra walkies time they got, and I also opted to walk the long way home and grab my fresh veg for dinner from the little local green grocer each night too, so it was a double win there.

So now that we have that down pat, it's time to add in one more little, doable thing to our week.

So let's get to it!

WEEK 3: Do what you love!

For me personally, growing up a drama nerd and a bookworm in a small country town (and I use the word  “town” very loosely as our closest neighbours were several kilometres away), with sport-phobic parents, amazingly I did still actually manage to be fairly active, just in a very non-sporty way.

You see I had to walk everywhere (or ride my bike): it was about a 10 km round trip to the bus stop (and I walked it barefoot, in the snow, yes I realise this makes me sound 100 years old!), and to keep up with my Broadway aspirations I also took several weekly dance classes (classical, jazz and tap). Plus I had a massive crush on one of the guys in the swim squad, so I may or may not have spent a fair bit of time in the pool.

But you know, these were for fun, or love, or fame, definitely not fitness. So I never really felt like I was "working out". I was just doing things I loved that happened to be active.

See where I am going here?

That's right, this week's challenge is all about finding the things that you love to do, that also just happen to be active. Because let's face it, you are way more likely to actually do something if you enjoy it.

TIP: If you loved doing something when you were a kid, chances are you'll still love it today!

For me the active things I love doing now are: long beach walks with my friends and/or dogs (I normally do two or more a week of around tw0 hours), adult hip-hop dance classes (there is a teeny tiny Beyonce inside me dying to get out), and my latest love affair is with Aerial Yoga, which is basically monkey bars for grown ups. Terrifying but so much fun.



Are you getting your #ddglifeproject on? Share it with us on social media, we'd love to see what you're up to! 


THE CHALLENGE: Find at least 2 things you really enjoy doing, that just happen to also be active, and do them!

Now these can of course be a two-birds-one-stone scenario, and be something you do socially as well (like in week 1). We are not the exercise police, we just want you to find ways that are easy and enjoyable for you to move as much as possible, as often as possible. How often that is is up to you.

Need some ideas? We stuck our heads together and this is what we found: 

- Try a crazy new fitness class, like retro aerobics, Beyonce yoga, even hoola hooping (and did I mention how fun aerial yoga is?)

- Who doesn't love dancing? Even if you are rubbish at it, it's still fun. There are heaps of adult dance studios around with oodles of different genres to try. Or if you are single and looking to mingle, why not check out a salsa, swing or ceroc class instead?

- Love the outdoors, then challenge yourself to find the most beautiful or interesting walking track near you (and repeat, regularly). This tends to work best if there is a destination in mind, so I always walk to either a juice or coffee place, then turn around and come back.

- Used to be right into your netball or hockey as a kid? Why not dust of that bib and join a local mixed team?

- Have some aggression that needs to be worked out? Why not look into a boxing or martial arts class?

- Need some "me" time? Why not look for one of the more relaxing and restorative yoga classes in your hood.

- Did you have a love affair with your skates (or bike) when you were a kid? I know I did, and I bet you'd still love it now!



What activities would you do just for fun (and the exercise part is just a bonus)?


  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    Great tips :) When the weather clears up I’ll do some swimming

  • miamanns says:

    I miss riding my bike so much. Number one problem with that: I need to buy a new bike. But I’ll put it on the to-do list! Luckily for me it’s pretty easy to go on some long walks that involve climbing huge hills with beautiful vistas at the top, so that’s something I can do right now.

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