Fashion trends 2015: Your new year’s style resolutions

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Happy new year! Now to get down to business. Important business. Like what the hell do I put on my feet in 2015? And. Is sporty luxe still a thing? Great questions. We had some fab trends in 2014 but it's time to move on to the next exciting fashion trends of 2015. That's right. Move on like Taylor Swift after a bad breakup. Presto change-o, kids.

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Whether you're still gripping on to the trends of 2014 but just want to have a peak around the corner, or you have your slides and boyfriend jeans piled up ready to swap in the new shiz, these 5 new year's style resolutions are a lot more fun than promising yourself to blend kale into every smoothie (like anything is more fun than that ...).

What did you think of the fashion trends of 2015? Which style resolution are you sticking to this year? Tell us in the comments below!

aFlats are your friend, and with the focus being on black man-style brogues and lace ups, we're lovin' it. Especially with the metal detailing (thanks, Marnie).

Image courtesy of Konstantina Tzagaraki

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