Makeup maestros: 18 glamorous makeup artists on Instagram to go follow now

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Confession: lately my eyes have been bugging out of my brain from the amount of time I'm spending scrolling through my Instagram feed. We're talking late night sessions too, sometimes lasting up to two hours (guilty as charged). So what exactly is so entrancing on Insty? Surely I'd get bored after one or two of my usual newsfeed stalks? Makeup artists, my friends. The ridiculously talented, flawless-faced, makeup maestros of Instagram — and they're now everywhere, much to my delight!

Indeed, more and more makeup artists are popping up and showcasing their work via IG and the very best part is that they include product breakdowns and awesome, speedy how-to instructions in the captions, so you can pretty much become a certified MUA from behind your phone (almost).

In this gallery, I've rounded up 18 of my fave makeup artists that I love to regularly stalk (not literally guys, relax!) and I highly recommend you go follow them now if you want to brush up on your eyeshadow/lipstick/blush/selfie-posing skills. You'll notice much of the makeup is centred around highlighting and contouring, which is my all-time favourite beauty look at the moment. Glamour makeup is in! I mean, who wouldn't want to look like a VS model on the daily?!

Who's your favourite makeup artist on Instagram? Tell us in the comments below!

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