Oooh pretty: Pimp your desk with our latest DDG Life Bundle!

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Heading back to work can be ... let's be totally honest here ... a bit of a drag. And no amount of ogling holiday destination Pinterest boards (aka girl porn) is going to make it any better.

One thing that can make cubicle life a little bit more bearable, in my opinion anyway, is to make your space that bit more special. And the easiest way to do that is to style up your stationery, desk space  and even your technology with something like our fab new DDG Life Bundles.

Every month we will be releasing a fab new set of gorgeous printables you can buy, download and print, all designed to help make your life not just prettier, but more organised as well.

Each month we'll be coming up with a new theme, so you can update your desk-drobe as often as your real life look.


Each DDG Life Bundle contains: 

- Wall calendar for the month (this first one has January AND February)

- Day Planner

- Week Planner

- Menu Planner

- Shopping List

- Goals & rewards checklist

- 4 x Desktop & Phone wallpapers.

 Have a peek below at what's inside, or click the button below to grab yours instantly now! 

(Currently not available for sale in the EU)

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What do you think of this month's DDG Life Bundle?



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