A whale of a time: 7 essentials for the beach this Summer


A whale of a time: 7 essentials for the beach this Summer

You might not guess it from my pasty white skin but I freaking love the beach and since I have a little bit of time off this Summer I can't wait to spend it on the sand. Since the only beach close to us is best described as a crowded cesspool, we always have to make a real day of it and go further down the coast so that we can have a relaxing swim in nice open waters.

When you're going so far out of your way and are attempting to avoid as much human interaction as possible outside of your own beach posse, then pre-planning everything is absolutely vital. You need to have all your food and drink sorted and a good cooler so you're not drinking boiled water and it is best to also plan for some activities that you can do as a crowd or when you're enjoying the shade since you'll be spending the whole day out there. And did I mention you need to bring your own shade? Because sitting in direct sunlight is all right for a little bit ... but after about hour three you'll be as red as a tomato.

Have you got any beach essentials that we missed? Tell us your packing list in the comments below!


  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    I love that round towel. I think I might have seen it on Instagram before :)

  • Kara says:

    Love the beach things! Now all I need is some sand and some company :) Only it’s 47 here – so maybe I’ll just stay inside my air-con house!

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