SWAG: Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Jade Orange (DDG$2000)



By Shanghai Suzy

Available: 4 (1 left)

New Melbourne based lipstick-only cosmetic brand Shanghai Suzy produces on trend, limited edition bright and bold lipsticks. The 'Matte' formula is bold, thick, creamy and long-lasting while the 'Nourish' formula contains jojoba seed oil to care for and moisturize lips. All lipsticks have a fragrance that has been inspired by Grape Hubba Bubba! Shanghai Suzy is not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients.

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  • GMeers says:

    Would love if someone could swatch this for me! Love the sound of the colour but hard to know :/

  • GMeers says:

    Is this a matte lippy or a ‘nourish’ one?

  • GMeers says:

    AH it’s ok, I googled it and it’s a matte shade. I think I’ll grab it! Not sure if it’ll be my colour but i’ll give it a go. Shanghai SUzy’s new Spring/Summer range is cute too, and they’re only $12.95 from the website! :D

  • GMeers says:

    YOINK! :)

  • GMeers says:

    Hello lovelies, just wondering if my lippie has been sent yet? I haven’t received it and was worried it might have gone walkabout…

  • GMeers says:

    It’s alright, it came today!! Thanks Larissa xx

  • Blueberrygumm says:

    looks like a gorgeous shade of red every woman needs

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