Wardrobe workshop: Styling the black knit this season

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While black jeans are pretty much a given in any wardrobe, the slouchy knit is right there beside it (on the floor of my room in my case). In case you missed it, we pulled together the 31 must-have wardrobe items for life. Not this season or next year but for as long as you can dress yourself. And naturally the fitted knit and slouchy knit come up in the mix. This week it's all about the relaxed style so check out these slouchy knit looks and if you're feeling like some comfy chic, get shopping below!


Of course black on black on black is the staple of any fashion blogger (well maybe not Susie Bubble). But besides the style elite lovin' nothing more than a slouchy knit they also know pairing one with some leather detailing is a big tick! And well, a pair of bad ass boots and a tote bag never went astray either. Feel inspired? Shop the slouchy knits below ...

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