Just eat it: A day in the life of my tastebuds with Jess Rutledge of Pressed Juices


A day in the life of my tastebuds with Jess Rutledge of Pressed Juices

Even though our office is located incredibly close to one of their stores, I only ventured into Pressed Juices myself for the first time a few weeks ago when I went to collect my raw lunch and was quite pleased to find out that all their stores have a nutritionist who can not only give you information about the benefits of certain ingredients, but can also help you to find the best juices and smoothies to compliment your diet. While I'm personally not into juice cleanses (solids>liquids all the way!), I love the idea of supplementing my diet with juices and smoothies to give me an extra boost of nutrients on days when my diet is less than stellar. Plus, I feel like I should mention that their cucumber and lime juice is surprisingly delicious and super fantastic on hot days.

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Having first started with Pressed Juices as their in-store nutritionist way back when they opened their first Sydney store, Jess Rutledge has seen the company's popularity grow in time with her own passion for the juicing lifestyle that she believes is "positively life changing". She's dedicated to spreading the message of good health and nutrition throughout Sydney — in fact, even though she's now the leader of the Sydney team you can still find her chatting to customers in the Bondi store a few days a week — and so naturally her daily meal plan is geared toward health and is heavy on the liquids (which would probably explain that glowing skin!). While I personally won't be switching to her full diet any time soon, it's great to see little additions that could make my diet a hell of a lot healthier.


7-9am : I start my day with 1 liter of water to hydrate my body. It is best to consume water before anything else as it’s a gentle way to wake the internal organs up.

9am : Pressed Juices Black Lemonade to flush my system of toxins and get my liver pumping.
10.30am : A green veggie juice (my favourites are Greens 6 or Greens 3 from Pressed Juices) helps to flush my body with all the dense goodness of green veggies — my version of a multivitamin — providing me with energy for my day and leaving me feeling refreshed.
11am : Chai tea with coconut mylk and honey is a delicious dairy-free combo and there's nothing like a nourishing warm chai tea mid morning. I try to keep my caffeine intake low as too much caffeine leaves me more tired and wired.
12pm :  In the middle of the day I need some extra sustenance and fibre so a green smoothie (my favourites are Smooth Energy or Vitality) is a good go-to for this, plus I know I am getting quality ingredients in an ideal serve with Pressed Juices.
1pm : 5 cucumbers dipped in hummus or baba ganoush is my favourite lunch time snack. The cucumbers are hydrating and mineral rich which help keep my skin clear and reduce any fluid-retention.
3pm : Another green juice (this time Greens 4) plus the Pressed Juices Immunity Elixir. Immunity Elixir and a green juice I treat as an afternoon pick me up and the ginger, spice and citrus of the immunity shot give me a caffeine-free pep up. I really believe that we should “let food be [our] medicine …” (Hippocrates) and in order for our bodies to benefit we need to ensure that daily we are providing our bodies with the beautiful nutrients it needs to reach and retain optimal health. Consistency is key. And this is why I drink my green juice every day! Instead of popping synthetic vitamin pills I pop elixir shots or vegetable juices or superfood salads!
5pm : A cup of fresh mint tea and a piece or two of my homemade raw cacao superfood slice. You can't beat a sweet treat and a piece of my homemade cacao slice always hits the spot.
7pm : A homemade large superfood salad of cos lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, broccoli, corn, cherry tomatoes, sunflower sprouts, capsicum, carrot with pepitas, dried cranberries and sunflowers sprinkled throughout. I prefer to eat as much raw food as I can, I believe it provides my body with the best nutrition. I make sure my salads are full of a variety of ingredients and they are also really big — I will eat a family size salad bowl of salad! This ensures I am providing my body with enough fuel. I like to eat dinner earlier rather than later so that my body has time to digest properly before I go to bed.
When it comes to H20 I always drink up to 3 litres throughout the day — our bodies are 70% water and need to remain so for optimal function.

What are your thoughts on Jess Rutledge's daily meal plan? Tell us in the comments below!


  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    Looks like a good healthy day :)

  • cherg says:

    Wow! She’s pretty full on. Love the idea but I need more than just juice.

  • Kara says:

    Juices can be pretty expensive! But I do love juice and try and have homemade smoothies frequently :) I like the idea of cucumber with hummus too – refreshing snack.

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      Yeah I’d say the fact she works at Pressed makes it a bit easier to be able to justify all those juices. My sister has one of those nutri-bullets and she is obsessed (and occasionally even treats me to a homemade juice as well).

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