Breathe easy: 3 tips for detoxifying your home with Barb de Corti of Enjo


Breathe easy: 3 tips for detoxifying your home with Barb de Corti of Enjo

I'm not sure if you're as familiar with their jingle as I am, but even the mere mention of Enjo has me singing it (all you need is water ... and the Enjo glove!). I would get the song stuck in my head long before I ever used Enjo products and became a bit of a devotee. I know that their gloves and other cleaning products are their most popular items, but I'm obsessed with their tea towels. They're big, soft and they dry things super easily without leaving any threads behind. Basically once you use their tea towels the cheapo ones from the supermarket will never cut it ever again.

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For Barb de Corti, the founder of Enjo, the change came about when she realised that her son's asthma would flare up after he took a bath — prompting her to look more closely at the chemicals they were using in their home. Sure enough, once they eliminated those harsh chemicals his condition subsided and Barb was officially on a mission to detoxify other people's homes as well as her own. Enjo now have a whole range of healthy cleaning products (including their infamous cleaning glove!), which is full of beautiful beauty and cleaning products that are safe to use around kids and don't have any nasty side effects.


First off ... why bother getting rid of chemicals in the home?

There are a lot of different negative reactions you can have to cleaning chemicals: the main ones are skin irritation, repository problems and skin burns. Then of course we will see in the news that children have had to be rushed to hospital because they have accidentally got into the cleaning cupboard and mistaken the detergent for juice.

How do we keep everything hygienic and germ-free without chemicals?

I think there is a misconception that in order for something to be hygienic and germ free you have to kill it. With ENJO, we have a very simple system of wet, wipe and dry. Our ENJO fibres are ultra-fine strands that lift, trap and hold dust, dirt, bacteria, grease and grime, removing it from the surfaces.

One product Barb wishes we'd stop using?

BAM for the bathroom. In the ads they promote cleaning with gloves on, as protection for your skin. What you realise is that you clean your bath, your tiles, sink with the product, yet what you don’t see is the residue it leaves afterwards. You then go and fill the bath up, when the heat fills the bath the chemical residue is released for your skin to absorb.

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  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    I remember enjo from back when I was in primary school

  • Jen says:

    Great to hear DDGD talking about going chemical-free at home. Now if we could extend that to the workplace and other public spaces : ) I only got onto Enjo last year but SO glad I did. Better late than never!

    • Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) says:

      I never thought about how harmful the shower cleaning chemicals were until I forgot to turn the fan on once and almost fainted! It just makes sense to find a safer way (I hate to think about what all the chemicals going down the drain is doing as well!).

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