DDG DIY: L is for Love dotted heart wall art tutorial


DDG DIY: L is for Love dotted heart wall art tutorial

I am always looking for ways to create my own pieces of wall art because I am fairly poor these days and also I like to think that somewhere deep in my subconscious is some artistic talent just waiting to be seen. Even though I'm starting to fear that the case for me having any artistic abilities is a lost cause, easy DIYs like this one let me believe for a few extra minutes that I could be the next Picasso if I just put my mind to it. Okay, so maybe this isn't quite to that standard, but it was fun and easy to do and would also make a great afternoon activity for artsy children (In that case I'd swap out any painting utensils with fingers because finger painting rocks!).

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With my Dotted Heart Wall Art tutorial you can really play around with it until you get the look you want and layering colours (or occasionally using too much or too little paint) is never a problem. I definitely felt like I got better with my technique towards the end so it wouldn't hurt to have a rough practice run on a scrap of paper so you can get an idea of how you'd like to space it out. I will also note that I used plain old paper as the stencil — so there are a few areas of colour leakage on one side — so if you're after a crisper line then cut your heart out of contact paper and peel off when you're done!



  • A small canvas
  • Paint (red and white)
  • Scissors
  • Paper (or contact paper)
  • Dotting instruments (I used the back of a pen but cotton buds would also work great!)



Carefully cut your heart out of your chosen paper. If you wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible you could print out a stencil or for even sides fold your paper in half before cutting.

If you're using contact paper, peel back the adhesive side and stick in the centre of your canvas, otherwise simply hold your paper down (a little bit of sticky tape in the centre will stop it from moving around).

Put two dots of different coloured paint close together into a container or painting palette and swirl them together where they meet, leaving a little bit of the original colour on the outside so you have three different shades.

Take your dotting instrument and start dotting around the edges of the heart. Alternate between light and dark colours and leave a few areas of canvas poking through so you have a bit of contrast. Keep going until you're happy with the coverage.

Peel away your paper and let it dry.

Hang it up and smile smugly that you're now an artist (even if you're not quite up to Picasso standards just yet).

What do you think of my dotted heart wall art tutorial? Tell us in the comments below!


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