It’s makeover time: Give your desk a new look with our March DDG Life Bundle


There's no denying that we're all officially back in work mode now and it can be tricky keeping yourself motivated when you're constantly counting down to the next public holiday (only a week, my Melbourne peeps!). Even if you love your job like I do you can find yourself weighed down by the idea of getting organised for all those looming deadlines that you wind up dragging your feet.

If you snatched up our last DDG Life Bundle you were probably feeling pretty smug about how super organised you were getting and how easy it was becoming to check off the tasks on your to do list, but if you're anything like me, eventually that pretty to do list will become as easy to ignore as a regular old sheet of paper. Thankfully we've got a whole new set of planners for you so you can give your brain the kick in the caboose it needs to stay motivated.

This DDG Life Bundle contains: 

- Wall calendar for the month of March

- Day Planner

- Week Planner

- Menu Planner

- Shopping List

- Goals & rewards checklist

- 4 x Desktop & Phone wallpapers.

 Have a peek below at what's inside, or click the button below to grab yours instantly now! 

(Currently not available for sale in the EU)


Black and white background of weathered painted wooden plank


What do you think of this month's DDG Life Bundle?

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  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    Great lists :) I try to set a list of goals for the day so I stay on track but its nowhere near as pretty as this!

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