Watch out for shopping whiplash: 10 of the best sale buys this week


I don't know about you guys, but I can feel the colour draining out of my wardrobe as I speak. Admittedly, I do live in Melbourne so my closet has always had some seriously black base notes, but as I start to pack away all my Summer singlets and start reaching for my opaque tights, my colour palette has started to be reduced to darker shades. Since I'm not willing to completely forgo the shorter hemlines or thinner materials just yet (my legs aren't quite ready for hibernation) I'm looking to deeper, moodier colours to bring a little bit of life into my wardrobe as we hit Autumn.


Iliana Pearl Headband, $16, nastygal.comPiperlime Collection Mixed Media Shirt, $44.97, piperlime.comSpliced Midi Dress, $59.95,, ASOS Peg Pants in Leopard Print, $14,, Colour Block Fedora Hat, £15, topshop.comNext In Line Long Sleeve Playsuit, $67.99, Callahan Fringe Dip Tassel Necklace, $49.99,, Mixed Business Linen Shortall Romper, $99.99,, Tulip Overlay Floral Dress, $29.95, Gal Wild For The Night Satin Skirt, $43,

Image courtesy of Chrisnawati Novia @

See anything you like in this week's sale picks? Tell us which ones in the comments below!


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