A hair affair: 5 killer hat and hair combos to keep your noggin warm and stylish

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A hair affair: 5 killer hat and hair combos to keep your noggin warm and stylish

Truth be told I was never a huge fan of Kim Kardashian to begin with, but my main problem with her was that I found her sense of style incredibly boring. She never looked bad per se, but she was always wearing the same types of body con dresses with the same hair and the same makeup. She might have mixed it up every now and then but there's no doubt that it was her relationship with Kanye West (love the music, hate the man) and his subsequent edit of her wardrobe that turned her into somebody genuinely interesting to watch on the red carpet. How does this relate to the hat and hair combos you'll be trying out this Winter? Well, we all find a style that we like and that suits our hair, but even if you're absolutely rocking those boho waves like a Victoria's Secret angel after a while they just start to look plain boring.

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Different hats call for different styles and switching up your whole look will make you feel like a new woman so much more than just plonking a hat on your existing hairdo. Some of these styles work best for purely practical reasons (I mean unless you want to look like a cone head, a top knot is probably not your best bet with a beanie or a baseball cap) and some also help you to fight against hat hair, but all of them will give you an extra dose of cool.

Which of these hat and hair combos was your favourite? Will you be trying any of them yourself? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    The first one is so sweet

  • GMeers says:

    Love the floppy hat with intricate bun!! Very chic :)

  • H says:

    I’m a beanie girl during winter but I just purchased a baseball cap so will be rocking that sports luxe look during Autumn

  • thepinkshoe says:

    I love a beanie during winter-especially at the football so this is my go to hairstyle when wearing one. Going to try the baseball cap style as I’ve been making an effort to wear hats more when exercising to prevent sun damage.

  • Fashionista8P says:

    love the last look and the plaits/braids

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