Reader Q&A: “Where can I find affordable quality makeup brushes?”

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Reader Q&A:

"I've just recently started looking into buying makeup brushes and have found they are super expensive! Is this the case with all quality makeup brushes? I'm looking for a powder, foundation and blush brush to start. Please help!"

Having invested in an array of exxy makeup tools, I can definitely vouch for some cheaper alternatives! While quality is often paired with price I have found after forking out for 'the best' brushes they have left my skin irritated with bonus annoying hairs on my face (not cool!).

Having had enough I decided to investigate and found Real Techniques brushes. If you're a fan of the Pixiwoo makeup duo on YouTube then you may have heard of their killer brush line. It really is the bees knees. I have been using the foundation brush for years and it has kept its shape, kept its softness and hasn't shed one hair! Not to mention their range is the epitome of affordable.

I can't recommend this line enough! Happy shopping!

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  • Melissa Fay Robinson says:

    I used to get all my brushes from Priceline :)

  • Kelly says:

    Elf studio line brushes are anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00 and are just as good if not better than some high end brushes.

  • Kara says:

    Priceline do have good ones :) I think mine are nude by nature – organic and against animal testing. Win win.

  • thepinkshoe says:

    I still haven’t bought any Real Techniques brushes but am meaning to!
    My favourite foundation brush is from Sephora and my powder brush is from Eco Tools.

  • I used to use eye brushes from the EcoTools kit, which worked quite well- but difficult if you’re using multiple colours and want to go from dark then light without transferring the colour (unless you buy more than one kit). I then got into Sigma brushes (bought about 12 in one go)- recommended by Jaclyn Hill (QUEEN of dramatic eye looks on Youtube IMHO), it’s the quality of MAC brushes for about half the price. They ship to Australia (the shipping cost isn’t the best, but affordable) and have a great (if slightly overwhelming) range. I use the F80 flat kabuki for foundation and it works SO much better at buffing foundation than the “foundation brush” which previously I have found leaves my face streaky, which needed me to work the foundation in with my hands. I also bought a bunch of the eye brushes (mostly use the E40, 35 and 25 for blending). I’ve recently been eyeing off Zoeva brushes (which also ship to Australia). I have bought the real techniques setting brush, which I use for under eye concealer and really like it (easy peasy for liquid concealers, needs a bit more work for creamier ones like MAC studio finish concealer). I’ve also bought a powder and contouring brush (“angled blush brush”) from Models Prefer (Priceline) and they work quite well too.

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